For every jewelry

We advise to use soft and clean cloth for wiping your jewellery after worn. This simple step makes it possible to withdraw corporal oils, sweat and sediments. If your jewellery comes into contact with water, it is strongly recommended to dry it with a soft and clean cloth as moisture may damage the surface.
Always avoid direct contact with solvants and chemical products such as polish, perfumes, lotions, household cleaners, sea water or pool water.

Silver jewelry

Our silver products are coated with a thin layer of rhodium, a precious metal with the property of protecting the silver of sulfur compounds in the air and on the skin, responsible for its blackening. However, with time, silver jewellery naturally oxidise with air and moisture.
Occasional cleaning with a special cloth allows to keep a shiny silver with no rust of oxidation. In order to prevent your silver jewellery from oxidation, we recommend you keep your unworn pieces in a closed bag protected from air.

Gold plated jewelry

Sleeping, bathing or practising exercise is not advisable when worn gold plated jewelry.
Any contact with perfumes or cosmetics should also be avoided.
Please note that the patina tends to gradually fade with time. The speed with which it diminishes depends on your jewellery’s care. But don’t panic ! The fading patina is the result of perfectly normal wear & tear…

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